UPVC Pipes for Sewer and Drainage Application

SIP UPVC pipes for Non-pressure application generally used for sewer, waste, drain, and the vent is made from high-grade materials formulated to sustain heavy element containment application. Pipes are produced according to ASTM 1785/84 Sch 40; SASO 14/15 CLAS 3 and 4 and SASO ISO 4435 SDR PIPES. These pipes are provided and sold in the market with integrated socket ends for solvent and rubber joint connection. Generally produced in grey, orange, and white color to comply with the prevailing standard in the country of use. SIP production ranges from 40 mm (1-1/2”)- 500mm  (20”). The pipes produced by SIP are certified approved products by SASO.

Specifications Specifications

40 – 500 MM
SASO 14/15 CLASS 3,4

Warranty Warranty

25 years

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